Dream Time

The dream comes back to me in flashes. A hotel room, I can’t tell which one…


I awake, heart pounding, breathing hard. I lie still, concentrating hard. I’m confused. I can feel you still on my skin, taste you in my mouth, smell you. But I can’t be with you – I’m sure I’m at home.  I keep my eyes closed hanging on to the sensations, feeling the throbbing between my legs subside: the warm moistness of my desire seeping down through my lips.  I lay still and listen intently – no it is not your breathing I hear – I do not feel the heat that I know comes off you in waves. I’m at home, in the one bed I never imagine you in.

But a few moments ago, well that was a different story. I was with you; I was you, intertwined with you, in you, you in me. The dream comes back to me in flashes.

At work, you in in your dark brown suit, one I particularly like on you. You say good morning to me on the way to your meeting, you have a sparkle in your beautiful slate-blue eyes and a smile dancing on the curves of your lips. Just the sound of my name on your lips and I melt like a bloody teenager. As you walk through the office; I watch your strong frame disappear out of sight as you go into a meeting nearby. I can hear you talking through the thin partitions, you laughing and your sales patter; working your magic convincing someone to buy something. Me thinking about what I would like from you – and not for the first time, finally watching lustfully as you walk out the door hoping no-one notices.

Then a night-club everyone is dancing, drinking, flirting with people they shouldn’t be. Do they notice that it’s different for you and me? Or do they think it’s just what everyone else is doing. I impulsively decide to take the plunge, if this is meant to happen maybe it just is, no matter the rights and wrongs of the situation. Before I even have time to think it through, I lean over to you and whisper, “I would love to fuck you.” Setting wheels in motion that I still don’t regret.

We are outside, in the early hours of the morning walking back to a hotel with the usual group, way ahead of the others. You push me up against the wall into a nook and kiss me ferociously, your hands sliding up my skirt, slipping inside my underwear, our friends get within earshot and we break apart, leaving my head spinning and my pussy wet.  

Then a hotel room, I can’t tell which one, there have been more than a few over the years. We are naked intertwined – kissing – heavenly sensations pulsing through me. You pin my hands above my head, which I fain attempts to resist, knowing full well that: I couldn’t fight you off if I wanted to and that I will never, ever want to. You kiss me slowly and deliberately and I am yours. You flip me over on to my front and use your fingers to tease my clit, then my ass. Like some fucked-up magic trick you produce a tub of Vaseline from no-where. In the dream this seems new – I’m scared and excited – is it the first time? I don’t remember that, but I do remember your fingers moving between my cheeks smearing me with the thick, sticky jelly. Your finger is slipping inside my ass, waking up nerves that send shock waves of delight through my body. Then I feel the head of your cock pushing slowly into me – your hands on my hips guiding me back onto you, your whole cock inside me filling me with exquisite pain and pleasure, rhythm steadily building.  And suddenly that’s it…

I awake in my own bed, trying desperately to recall as much of the dream of us as I can. I think of you asleep in your bed. I briefly wonder if I have crossed your mind – or been in your dreams today. I let my hands slide silently down to my clit and I gently begin to finish the job the vivid dream of you has already begun.

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