The First Time

He was captivating. More than once he noticed her watching him, he held her gaze – almost daring her to act.


Despite her internal protestations that she would block-out her feelings and ignore him, throughout dinner she found herself studying him; the way he sat, the jokes he told, the way his full, soft lips formed words, the light catching his pale sapphire-grey eyes. He was captivating. More than once he noticed her watching him, he held her gaze – almost daring her to act. She felt molten when locked into these moments. The others faded from the room. It was as if they were completely alone.The tension and excitement was growing in every part of her, making it hard to focus on the conversation, to act natural – like everything was normal. It felt like the evening would never end, as the social niceties wore on, she wondered if tonight would be the night that they would finally act on their clearly growing desires. Or was she fooling herself? Just as she had begun to question what she was doing and thinking, she felt a warm, strong hand begin to deliberately and firmly caress her leg underneath the table. It sent electricity coursing through her. She looked across the busy table to get some reaction – some reassurance from him.  He simply glanced in her direction, gave her a micro-flash of a smile and continued his conversation, all the while stroking and massaging her leg and foot under the table. Perhaps tonight would be the night.

Later in the evening, she found herself at the bar with him. The others, still at the table, chatting animatedly hadn’t noticed the tension between them – at least she hoped not. He moved towards her and stood so close she could feel the body heat and desire coming off him in waves. The familiar light-headed feeling had started to set in. She caught the faint aroma of his aftershave as he lent towards her, the smell of him alone was enough to cloud her usually sensible mind. “Kiss me,” he said.

“Sorry…did you say ‘kiss you’?”

“Yes, right now.”

They were surrounded by people in the busy restaurant and their unsuspecting friends sat just a few feet away. 

“I can’t – not here.”

He took her firmly by the hand and led her towards the back of the restaurant. Alcohol, arousal and adrenaline took over. She followed bleary-eyed, overwhelmed with anticipation and need. He didn’t say another word. He pushed the heavy black swing door to the ladies’ washroom with one hand and bundled her inside. In one swift movement he pushed her back up against the wall, held her tightly round the waist and began to kiss her. He held her so tightly she felt utterly at his command yet he kissed her incredibly softly and gently. What was she thinking? Behaving like this in a public place, risking everything: she wasn’t thinking. She was succumbing to the physically overwhelming need to be with him, held by him. He ran his hands over her body, through her hair, pulling her hair just a little as he moved her to be where he wanted her – the little movement sending tingles of delight through her. The contrast between his delicate kisses and his strong embrace unravelled any last sense of resistance. 

Sometime later, she didn’t know when, someone else came through the door and the spell was temporarily broken. They stepped apart, she tried to focus on him, to take it all in but she still felt out of control. He straightened up his clothes and left. She took a few moments to gather herself, splash water on her face and neck, waiting for the flush of excitement, so clearly visible on her skin to fade before she went back out where the others were still engrossed in conversation.

At the end of the evening they said their goodbyes with everyone else. She returned to her room, giddy as a teenager, she sent him a text ‘405’ nothing else – they were both staying in the same hotel. She waited, running the events of the evening through her mind.  She was lost in her own thoughts, only having got as far as removing her high-heeled shoes, still wearing her long black dress when a loud knock came at her door.

She opened the door to see him standing there, still in his tuxedo, his bow tie un-tied loose around his neck, two champagne flutes in one hand, a bottle of Laurent-Perrier rose champagne in the other.  He smiled a slow steady smile as he looked her up and down. Pushing past her he came in and put the glasses and the bottle on the hardwood sideboard and began to pour them both a drink. She took a long drink of hers, excitement mixing with nerves. “Let’s dance, we didn’t get to earlier” He took her hand in his and held her in a dance pose and waltzed her bare-foot just a few steps before they were entangled once more.

He swiftly pulled her dress over her head leaving her feeling exposed in her bra and knickers, she felt self-conscious standing there whilst he ran his eyes over her body. She was tall and she hoped – pretty, with long legs and firm breasts, she was curvy, too curvy? What if he was turned off by what he saw?  He smiled broadly, shrugged off his jacket, and pulled her close once more.

As they kissed she fumbled with the buttons of his dress-shirt, eventually removing it revealing his broad, smooth strong chest. She ran her fingers over his chest, his neck, his arms. Her fingers traced the outline of his biceps appreciating the curve of the muscle. He reached back and took off her bra releasing her breasts, and guided her backwards on to the huge hotel bed. The coolness of the cotton sheets felt wonderful against her flushed skin.

He quickly unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor; the sound of the buckle hitting the floor for some reason thrilled her. After kissing her tenderly on the lips once more he began to shower her with kisses moving down her neckline, over her collar bone and onto her breasts. When he took her nipple in his mouth the feeling was indescribable, she had been with other men, but this was like nothing she had ever felt. It was like he knew her intimately already; every lick, nibble and caress triggered whole body responses in her the-like-of-which she had never felt before.  As his lips traced further down her body she began to tremble in anticipation.

He stopped suddenly, turned her onto her front and walked away. She waited, face-down on the bed, listening to the sound of her heart drumming in her ears and him moving around the room trying to imagine what he was doing.

She felt the bed sink as he sat down beside her. “Don’t move” he breathed. She could hear that he was drinking champagne from the flute. He stopped, and then poured the cool, fizzing liquid on to the small hollow at the base of her back. It felt strange, this tiny cold puddle on her, she could feel the bubbles gently release from her skin and then the miniscule sprays as they popped on the surface. He lent across her and sipped the liquid from her back, she felt his lips brush against her, and then as the champagne diminished, his tongue licking the last of it from her body. He took her knickers down and turned her over intent on continuing his using his tongue to give her even more pleasure. She hesitated, for the merest of seconds, before succumbing and opening her legs to him. His tongue glided expertly and gently over her clit, moving between her lips and teasing her repeatedly. Again he seemed to ignite new feelings in her she had never imagined before. It was as if her own body were a musical instrument, that other people could play – but only he had truly mastered.  

As he rolled onto his back she watched him, taking in the sight of his naked body, everything about him was so masculine, from his muscular frame to his confident assured manner and the way he studied her. It made her feel both a little scared and at the same time, more desirable than ever before.

She propped herself up, one hand under her head,  her wavy blond hair tumbling down and began to kiss him, she loved the way kissing him felt, she could have done it forever. As she worked down his body kissing his smooth, toned torso she licked his nipples, he gave a low moan of pleasure which delighted her, she wanted nothing more than to give him pleasure. She continued down his body leaving a trail of kisses in her wake. Before she knew it she was running her tongue up and down the shaft if his cock. As she took him into her mouth, he took a sharp intake of breath and let out a small cry. She took great pleasure in knowing she could give such a man satisfaction.

After a short while, he pulled her face towards his and kissed her again gently guiding her to lie on her back. He straddled her – siting across her stomach. The weight of him on her, and the feeling of being slightly trapped was a thrill. She ran her hands up his solid thighs and around his body to his firm rounded buttocks. He took his cock in his hand and began to move his hand slowly at first then building to a steady rhythm. She watched him, desire pulsing through every part of her, aware of an almost painful throbbing between her legs. She watched the way he moved, not for the first time. She tried to take a mental picture of his strong arms, his smooth chest, his handsome face twisted into a still alluring mask of pleasure and desire.  Laying back looking up at him she could not believe they were finally doing this.

Suddenly, he stopped and dropped his leg in-between hers – spreading her legs wide apart – his body positioned in the middle of the newly created space. He looked directly into her brown eyes as he pushed his cock into her. She was so wet – she knew he could tell the ridiculous effect he was having on her.  As he pulsed into her she became swept away in the moment, the sensations flooding over her. She reached down with her fingers and began to massage her clit, gently at first and then with growing urgency. When he slipped his fingers between her legs she felt a firm pressure on her rim. The wetness from her pussy made it easy for him first to circle her rim to tease her, and eventually to slip his finger into her. It was an alien experience, but a welcome one, she wanted more. He pulsed into her pussy with his cock, his finger in her ass; all whilst she was rubbing her clit she could take it no longer. She came so hard she barely knew who or where she was. Waves of pleasure washed over her – hyper-sensitivity took over every inch of her body.  She let a moan that was probably way too loud, calling his name, partly in gratitude and partly begging him to never stop. He had no plans to do that.  As she lay flushed, thrilled and content he traced his hands over her body and unbelievably it started to respond, she was still at his mercy.

 “Let’s get cleaned up” he took her by the hand and led her into the large walk-in shower. The harsh lights in the bathroom making her blink, the thunderstorm shower head pounding cool water onto her glowing skin.  He took the soap, lathered it into his hands and began to wash her gently and methodically all over, like she was a precious object he was caring for. Her head was spinning, the sound of the water drumming filled her ears and each touch sent quivers through her body, “Turn around” he demanded quietly.

She turned her back to him; she could feel his hard cock brushing against her buttocks. He kissed the back of her neck and then began to diligently work his way down the curve of her back, he reached her buttocks, kissing, licking, tiny bites. As he knelt on the floor of the shower behind her he gently parted her buttocks using his tongue to trace a line downwards until he reached her ring. The water drummed down heavily on her back and the soft darting sensation of his tongue licking her sent her into paroxysms of desire. Before she knew it, he was on his feet and the exquisite, probing tongue had been replaced with his hard, insistent cock.  He held her hips firmly, whilst she braced her hands against the soaking wet tiles, water streaming down her back. First she felt the smooth firm head of his cock against her ring. Then he slowly and deliberately pushed just the head of his cock in to her. He paused for a moment; she held her breath, overwhelmed by desire – wanting more of this pain and pleasure – not daring to move. Suddenly, he roughly pushed all of his hard cock into her ass, the sensation was incredible. He began fucking her – deep, hard and slow. She had never felt so animalistic. As he began to fuck her more quickly and with a building sense of urgency, he pulled her head back towards him by handfuls of wet hair, and softly kissed her neck. She had never known that pain and pleasure could be so blissfully intertwined.  As he came inside her, his whole body shook with throbbing shivers running through every ounce of his body and right through her.

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